Public Cams Recenzje App


The ads make this app useless.


Don't waste your money on this app. It has got to be one of the worst. There are too many things wrong with it to list.


No cams, lots and lots of advertising, and it crashes every time I try to view a cam. This App stole my money. It's a giant piece of crap!!!


I never like to write bad review because I think of makers might have some reason. But this one is a biggest non sense careless developer who doesn't give a f.... About this stupid app. Should be removed. They never got any gutts to fix it.

Useless !!

How can this be in the App Store? They should invent negative stars for this app.


You pay for this app and still have an ad covering part of the screen. App crashes frequently and very few cams actually show in one of the windows. Garbage!

public cams

This is garbage and should not be allowed. Ad covers screen, unable to go beyond initial screen. This should NOT be an application with pay for....

Ad covers app controls..

A 'Candy Crush' ad covers the app controls at the bottom of the screen rendering this PAID version totally useless.


Don't waste your money on this one. It shows a bunch of still pictures.

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